Disputing a credit card charge

Credit Card Dispute Process

By Sarah Brady | May 20, 2021

There are plenty of good reasons to review your credit card statements. Looking them over each month can help you catch bad spending habits, find and cancel unused subscription charges,…

credit card bill

Gray Charges Have Credit Card Customers Seeing Red

By Bill Fay | May 20, 2021

As if high credit card fees and rising interest rates aren’t aggravating enough, a growing number of credit card customers are being sucker-punched by companies sneaking small charges onto cards…

Dangers of Credit Card Minimum Payment

Hazards of Paying the Minimum Payment on Your Credit Card

By Bill Fay | May 20, 2021

How you treat your monthly credit card bill might reveal as much about your personality as when you scream when under pressure or offer a seat on the bus to…

Intro To Credit Cards

Credit Cards for Millennials: Terms, How to Apply & Rewards Programs

By Max Fay | May 20, 2021

Credit cards are a hot topic for Millennials. Half of the world tells us that credit cards are pure evil and the other half constantly brags about the “rewards” they…

Lost wallet

Lost Debit Card Leaves Me Stranded

By Alanna Ritchie | May 20, 2021

  “Can you hold please?” the banking representative asks me over the phone. “Yes,” I say. Deep breaths. Count to 10. This is the second time I’ve called my bank…

Woman applying for a new credit card on her computer

Should I Apply for a New Credit Card During COVID?

By Bill Fay | September 24, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created record unemployment, erased profit margins, closed businesses and wreaked havoc on almost every family’s money outlook. It has even affected America’s ultimate get-out-of-jail financial symbol…

Roadside sign that says Payday Loans

Can Credit Counseling Help with Payday Loans?

By Max Fay | February 27, 2020

When in need of quick cash to pay a bill or an emergency expense, a payday loan is often the easiest place to turn. It is also often the most…

African american daughter hugging her mother in military uniform with balloons

Veteran & Active Duty Military Credit Counseling

By Max Fay | February 24, 2020

Financial problems, it turns out, are bigger stressors among military families than deployment, moving, and separation from family. Service members and their spouses ranked financial stress as their biggest concern…

Portrait of young couple sitting on floor dreaming of future house furnishings

Can You Buy a Home While on Credit Counseling?

By Max Fay | February 20, 2020

People normally enter credit counseling when they are struggling with burdensome debt and need help working through it. In most cases, buying a home and taking on a mortgage isn’t…

Chalkboard with text that says "Post-Grad Credit Counseling"

Post-Graduate Credit Counseling

By Bents Dulcio | February 19, 2020

When you graduate college, your priorities shift from football games and final exams to landing your first job, locking down an affordable apartment and repaying student loans. Here’s one more…