Calculating the benefits of paying off student loans or investing

    Millennial Dilemma: Pay off Student Loans or Invest and Save

    When you graduate from college with a costly, new diploma, instinct tells you to latch on to the first decent job offer an employer throws your way, and then whittle down your student loan debt as best you can.But what about investing those first earned ...

    Highway exit sign with arrow to bankruptcy

    In Era of Trump, Has Bankruptcy Stigma Lost Its Sting?

    With Donald Trump being credited or blamed for virtually every imaginable good or ill (depending on the observer, of course), we in the world of personal finance and debt management can’t help but wonder:What do regular folks make of the president’s ...

    Woman stressed about payday loans looks into consolidation

    Debt Consolidation for Payday Loans

    About 55 million Americans don’t have emergency savings, so it follows that when emergencies happen, they turn to payday loans.Approximately 12 million consumers use payday loans and typically pay $15 for every $100 borrowed. The annual percentage rate ...

    TV Remote Pointing At Television

    I Can’t Pay My Cable Bill: What To Do

    Another month, another budget-crippling cable bill. When will it ever stop?The average cable bill is now $103.15 a month and is increasing year after year, despite more competition. What do you do when you can't pay your cable bill anymore?It can be ...

    Young male student who is looking at a car to buy with a student loan

    Dangers of Using Student Loans to Buy a Car

    When the federal government handed out the first student loans in 1958, the message was simple: This money is to be used for education purposes, meaning tuition, books, fees, supplies and living expenses such as room and board.No mention was made of using ...

    man in jail for not paying taxes

    How to Avoid Jail When You Owe Back Taxes

    A very rich person once said, “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”Her name was Leona Helmsley. Guess what? She went to jail for not paying taxes.So can you, though the odds aren’t as high as Helmsley, the hotel tycoon who ...

    loan agreement image

    How Payday Loans Work and Lower Cost Alternatives

    You’re a hard-working single mom, and your refrigerator breaks.You don’t have the money to fix it and the Tooth Fairy didn’t leave $1,000 under the pillow for one of those gleaming new 2-door uprights at the box store. Deadbeat dad is nowhere in ...

    Millennial Money logo

    Dorm vs. Apartment: Which is Cheaper

    Where to live at college is annually one of fiercest arguments in every household, but if you think you’re going to win a debate between dorms and apartments based on financial reasons alone, think again. SPOILER ALERT: The competition is too close to ...

    Pencil erasing debt

    Compound Interest: How It Works

    Compound interest is a powerful tool for building wealth. It’s also a devastating tool that can destroy wealth. It just depends on which side of the financial equation you use it.On the positive side, compound interest makes the return on investments ...

    family moving to a new house

    How to Get Out of Debt Fast: Fresh Ideas

    Fed up with being in debt? Congratulations. Rearranging your mindset is the first step to managing, then eliminating, your money troubles.Dumping debt may require a lifestyle change, but we’re going to give you a look at some new ways to do it, jobs and ...

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