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Your Credit Score: Secret, Especially From You

By Bill Fay | September 4, 2014

Do you think you know your credit score? Credit scores – the numeric measure that shows lenders whether a person is likely to repay a loan – are a must-have…

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Credit Card Debt Analysis

By Bill Fay | June 27, 2013

Credit card ownership begins as a privilege — the ability to make purchases before providing the funds to pay for the purchases — but can quickly devolve into a web…

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How Good is Your Credit Score?

By Bill Fay | February 25, 2013

Buying a house or a car? Taking out a loan? Select your 3-digit score to learn about how lenders see your credit score range and what you can do to…

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Credit Cards

By Bill Fay | December 7, 2012

At its base, card ownership is a limited personal loan to you, whenever you need it. Keep a credit card in your pocket and you have the ability to make…

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law created to protect consumers and their personal financial information

Fair Credit Reporting Act

By Bill Fay | November 9, 2012

What Is the Fair Credit Reporting Act? The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that regulates credit reporting agencies and compels them to insure the information they…

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Federal Trade Commission Act

By Bill Fay | November 9, 2012

The Federal Trade Commission, launched in March 1915, was created in response to a groundswell of public concern that followed separate U.S. Supreme Court antitrust rulings against Standard Oil and…

What to do and how to avoid predatory lending

What Is Predatory Lending?

By Bill Fay | November 7, 2012

“Predators” in nature are defined as animals that prey on others, like wolves eating rabbits. Unfortunately, there are a lot of wolves in the lending business. Predatory lenders don’t care…

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What Is the Truth in Lending Act (TILA)?

By Bill Fay | September 26, 2012

There has always been a lot of lending in the United States. There hasn’t always been a lot of truth. Lenders could obscure information on interest rates, finance charges and other…

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Electronic Fund Transfer Act

By Bill Fay | September 26, 2012

In 1979, the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA), also known as Regulation E, was implemented to protect consumers when they use electronic means to manage their finances. Electronic fund transfers…

How to take on and avoid default loans

Defaulting on Your Loans

By Bill Fay | July 26, 2012

A default on any loan is going to severely damage your credit score and leave you vulnerable to one or more collection procedures. The consequences of default depend on whether your loan is…