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Banks, Credit Unions & Savings Institutions

By Bill Fay | April 23, 2012

American banks offer a smorgasbord of investment options. From commercial and savings banks to credit unions and trust companies, consumers have a dizzying array of choices for saving and borrowing…

Credit Solution Strategies

Credit Solutions

By Bill Fay | April 16, 2012

Each one of these 3 credit solutions can be a viable solution for getting out of debt, depending on the circumstances you’re in and the resources you have available. Any…

Young male student gazing into distance holding piggy-bank in front of university building

Credit Unions & Student Loans

By Bill Fay | April 3, 2012

Many students take out private loans to cover their college costs, but many lenders today have less credit to offer than in years past.  This has opened a business opportunity…

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Credit Unions & Real Estate

By Bill Fay | April 3, 2012

Traditionally, banks have provided the bulk of American mortgages. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, two government-sponsored enterprises, may back these mortgages, but it’s been established lenders with a national reach…

Bankruptcy Law Books

Credit Protection Laws: The Consumer Credit Protection Act

By Bill Fay | March 27, 2012

Your consumer credit rights are protected in large part by the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA), which became effective in the late 1960s. This act is made up of several…

Credit Scores

Credit Scoring Models

By Bill Fay | March 27, 2012

There are several models used to determine a credit score, so your score for an auto loan may be different from your score for mortgages or credit cards. What Is…

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By Sarah Brady | March 19, 2012

Credit is when a bank or business gives you something of value now with a promise that you will pay for it later, usually with interest added. Choose Your Debt…