Two people sitting and discussing their medical student loan debt

How to Pay Off Medical School Loans Faster

By Max Fay | October 17, 2018

Medical school is expensive. To put it in perspective, 2017 graduates with medical school debt owed an average of $192,000, which happens to be the same cost as buying a…

Businessman holding in focus card that says "Perkins Loan" with both hands with out of focus skyscraper window in background

Perkins Loan Information & Eligibility

By Cecillia Barr | September 21, 2018

The federal government discontinued the Perkins Loan Program on Sept. 30, 2017 in a continuing attempt to streamline its ever-growing and inefficient system of funding college education. The end of…

Medical School Debt Name Tag

Medical School Loans: How to Refinance and Consolidate

By Mike Capuzzo | August 15, 2018

As a doctor, you signed up to be our modern hero, the man or woman who takes on the ills of the world. Most folks love or respect you for…

Handsome lawyer in the law library at the university

Law School Loans: How to Refinance and Consolidate

By Max Fay | August 8, 2018

Jason Thomas went to law school for the money. The student loans never bothered him because he was going to graduate, start practicing law and make a whole lot of…

Three young happy future dentistry doctors in class at dental school

Dental School Loans: How to Refinance and Consolidate

By Bill Fay | August 8, 2018

Dental school is expensive. Enormously expensive. Reports indicate a dental school education is the most expensive of all the higher education fields. And the vast majority of new practitioners emerge…

Notebook with Get out of debt written in it with alarm clock and school supplies around it

Private Student Loan Debt Consolidation

By Bill Fay | July 22, 2018

Private loans represent only 10 percent of student loan debt, but that number — more than $200 billion – is still significant and, in many cases, even harder to pay…

Caution on Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Confusion Clouds Future of Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

By Bill Fay | April 17, 2018

Here’s a warning for anyone who must borrow money for college. There’s an assault under way on the most cost-effective and popular student-loan repayment programs. Lines are being drawn and…

Women applying for College Scholarship and Grants on computer

Scholarship and Grants for Women, Minorities and Other Groups

By Bill Fay | April 4, 2018

There are billions of dollars awarded every year for grants and scholarships that target specific students based on ethnic, gender, religious and other clearly-defined backgrounds. Businesses, community organizations, clubs, churches…

Books with PLUS loan and piggy bank

Parent PLUS & Graduate PLUS Loans

By Bill Fay | March 10, 2018

The Direct Loan program run by the U.S. Department of Education has two plans under it that often get confused with each other because they share the name “PLUS.” The…

History of Student Loan Interest Rates

Interest Rates on Student Loans

By Max Fay | March 9, 2018

Student loans are meant to help individuals reach their higher education goals. Because of this, they typically carry lower interest rates than other types of loans and debts. Still, your…