Financial Aid Process Debt Board Game Infographic

Financial Aid Process

By Max Fay | August 22, 2017

The college financial aid process is long and it’s boring, but it can be a long  and boring road to riches. The federal government handed out $125.7 billion in financial…

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Private Student Loans for College

By Bill Fay | August 21, 2017

Private loans for college are fraught with negatives, including high interest rates and unforgiving repayment schedules that often end in lawsuits for many borrowers. Unlike government student loans that typically…

Education Cost For Children

How to Pay for Your Children’s Education

By Bill Fay | August 16, 2017

The cost for a college education has rocketed out of sight since 2000, but so has the financial reward graduates earn when they bring home a diploma. Tuition and fees…

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Aid Based on Your Career Choice

By Bill Fay | August 14, 2017

Want a scholarship or grant money for your education? The easiest way to accomplish that might be to select a career that’s in demand. Whether it’s the government, college and…

Merit-Based Scholarships & Grants

By Max Fay | August 8, 2017

Merit-based scholarships could be the most misunderstood aspect of college financial aid, based on the common misconceptions that: Only straight-A students qualify Only a few of the straight-A students actually get…

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Millennials Using Side Jobs to Pay Off Debt

By Max Fay | August 2, 2017

In the words of rapper/philosopher Jay Z: “You can’t knock the hustle.” Millennials are having to hustle to pay their student loan debt. Over 44 million American have student loan…

Student loan repayment form on desk

Student Loan Repayment Plans

By Bill Fay | August 1, 2017

Choose Your Debt Amount Types of Repayment Plans Standard Extended Graduated Income-Based (IBR) Income-Contingent (ICR) President Obama’s Pay As You Earn Plan Perkins Loans & Private Loans If you have…

Illustration of 3 people standing atop of piles of books on laptops and looking at watch with growth arrow trending upwards in background

Managing Student Loan Debt

By Bill Fay | July 14, 2017

College graduation day is supposed to be fun, but it’s hard to celebrate when there is a hefty student loan debt attached to your diploma That is the grim reality…

What to do if you can't pay your student loans?

What to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Student Loans

By Bill Fay | June 30, 2017

Note: Payments for federal student loans are suspended through May 1, 2022 » More Information here: Student Loans Payments During Covid-19  The “honeymoon” phase for most college graduates lasts exactly six…

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Need-Based Scholarships & Grants

By Max Fay | June 27, 2017

Need-based scholarships and grants are exactly what their title indicates: money for students with a financial need. More than 85% of college students receive some form of financial aid so there is…