College degree still worth the student debt

Despite Rising Student Debt, College Degree Is Still a Wise Investment

By Bill Fay | June 10, 2013

As troubling as some of the recent data is regarding the cost of a college education, the evidence is overwhelming that it is money well spent. Even if you had…

Unpaid internships are sparking lawsuits

When Unpaid Internships Go Wrong

By Alanna Ritchie | May 23, 2013

As you begin building your career path, the unpaid internship is a traditional starting point — but beware of its hidden dangers. Yes, your internship can build experience and connections,…

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand proposes bill to save billions in student loan interest

Sen. Gillibrand Aims to Save Debtors Billions in Student Loan Interest

By Bill Fay | May 22, 2013

A new proposal in Congress to tackle America’s $986 billion in outstanding student loan debt seeks to refinance high interest rate loans and save debtors millions in interest payments. Sen.…

Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes student loan bill

Proposal to Cut Student Loan Interest Rate to Near-Zero Percent

By Bill Fay | May 10, 2013

Today, more and more attention is being paid to the $1.1 trillion in outstanding student loans owed by more than 38 million American borrowers. That’s because student loan debt now…

Wisconsin Congressman Tom Petri speaks at a hearing

Bill to Pay Back Student Loans Proposed by Congressman Tom Petri

By Bill Fay | May 3, 2013

Legislation has been proposed to help people pay back student loans, but the bill’s sponsors disagree with doomsayers who say a disastrous economic bubble is brewing over defaults and late payments. Representative…

Student loan debt puts a drag on the housing market and economy.

College Debt Dragging Down Future of Graduates and Economy

By Bill Fay | April 24, 2013

Recent studies delivered another round of warning shots that the U.S. economy is losing a spark from one of its most potent sources – college graduates – because of problems…

Student Internship Desk and Computer


By Bill Fay | April 16, 2013

An internship is a temporary position that provides on-the-job training in a student’s major or career goal. The student generally works in professional settings while being supervised and monitored by…

Sixty percent of graduates have student loans and may need help as they pay them off.

Paying Your Student Loan Debt Is Critical to Sound Financial Future

By Bill Fay | April 15, 2013

College seniors typically pay a visit to their academic advisers in the final weeks before graduation to make sure they have enough credits to get out. They might be better…

college graduates are saddled with student loan debt

Defaults on the Rise as College Grads Drown in Student Loan Debt

By Bill Fay | March 29, 2013

Student loan debt could be the next economic bubble waiting to burst. Banks wrote off $3 billion in student loan debt the first two months of 2013, and an estimated…

parents pay for kids cellphones

When Parents Should Stop Paying for Kids’ Cellphone Plans

By Bill Fay | March 18, 2013

It’s not easy being a 20-something nowadays. Between landing a full-time job, paying back student loans and building credit, it’s hard to be financially stable. But are young adults solely…