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Alanna Ritchie

Alanna Ritchie is a content writer for, where she writes about personal finance and little smart ways to spend (and save) money. Alanna has an English degree from Rollins College.

U.S. Capitol with a chain link in front of it

Consumer Financial Services Affected by Government Shutdown

By Alanna Ritchie | October 4, 2013

The continued U.S. government shutdown, now entering its fourth day, means that myriad services for consumers remain at a standstill. The Small Business Administration (SBA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC),…

Women, mothers are becoming breadwinners

Women Rise as Primary Breadwinners, Some Still Face Challenges

By Alanna Ritchie | May 30, 2013

College-educated women are catching up with men in the workforce, but many other women, especially single mothers, are facing great financial challenges, a new report shows. The Pew Research Center…

Unpaid internships are sparking lawsuits

When Unpaid Internships Go Wrong

By Alanna Ritchie | May 23, 2013

As you begin building your career path, the unpaid internship is a traditional starting point — but beware of its hidden dangers. Yes, your internship can build experience and connections,…