Frugal Man

Frugal Man Return From Paris

Frugal Man Home From Paris

By Bill Fay | August 11, 2016

The Frugal Man has never in his life bragged about throwing money around, but that 60-year silence on silly spending is over. I just dropped a boatload of money on…

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Frugal Man Goes To Paris

By Bill Fay | May 4, 2016

If you’re wondering whether a summer vacation is worth it, ask your doctor, not your accountant. Every medical study ever done on the subject concludes that summer vacations – especially…

College Student on computer looking up his credit score

College Students Could Learn More About Credit Scores

By Bill Fay | August 6, 2015

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Cup of coffee and a gift for Father's Day

Father’s Day Financial Advice … You Get What You Pay For!

By Bill Fay | June 8, 2015

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I think it’s time to change the way we celebrate the occasion at the Frugal Man’s house. I think I will do…

Man buying with cash instead of a credit card

Want To Reduce Credit Card Debt? Only Pay With Cash

By Bill Fay | May 28, 2015

I’m thinking about introducing “envelope accounting” to the Frugal Man’s family. You know that system: Assign an envelope to each item on your family’s monthly budget. Put the budget item’s…

family vacation

How To Raise Money For Your Family Vacation

By Bill Fay | April 9, 2015

Want to put a smile on your face? Google images for summer vacations and take a look at what’s out there! Beaches, mountains, water parks, national parks, white-water rafting, arts…

mobile phone

Five Mobile Phone Lines for $150 per Month: It’s Possible

By Bill Fay | March 27, 2015

In the summer of 1985, I was a sports writer in Tampa and an athlete I used to write about invited me to lunch to discuss a new professional summer…

mobile phone and money

Fact Is, Opinions Don’t Say Much In Cellphone Argument

By Bill Fay | November 6, 2014

What settles arguments in your house: Facts or opinion? That seems like a loaded, but relatively easy question. Facts win, right? Well, sometimes. A study by Dartmouth College suggested that…

close up of iPhone 5 screen

Frugal Man – Cell Phone Virgin Stumps Apple on iPhone 6 Release

By Bill Fay | August 27, 2014

I went shopping for a cell phone the other day and found out I’m not as special as I thought I was. I have never owned one and for at…

cell phone money holder

Frugal Man — Might Buy a Cell Phone

By Bill Fay | August 25, 2014

Not sure you are aware of this, but the cell phone industry will pass a fairly significant milestone this year and there is a good chance I could be the…