Frugal Man

Man figuring budget on a calculator

Now Frugal Man Needs a Budget as Retirement Approaches

By Bill Fay | February 3, 2014

I stumbled upon one of those online calculators the other day. It’s the one that shows you how well you’re budgeting money for retirement savings, and it returned some distressing…

One hundred dollar bill on top of a credit card

Frugal Man’s New Year’s Resolution: Only Pay with Cash

By Bill Fay | January 8, 2014

I took $20 the other night to the only restaurant I eat at – the one that gives half off everything on Tuesdays – and felt confident I had more…

Gift card display at a store

Frugal Man: ‘Bah, Humbug!’ to Gift Cards at Christmas

By Bill Fay | December 23, 2013

Christmas, as you might imagine, is a tough holiday for people like me. The premise of the holiday is no longer about giving or even receiving. It’s about spending. We…

Scissors cutting a cable cord

Frugal Man Pulls Plug on Cable, Saves $1,200 a Year

By Bill Fay | November 6, 2013

We don’t have ESPN at my house, which is a little like a minister saying he doesn’t have a Bible at home. I was a sports writer for 25 years…

Man riding a bike to work

Frugal Man Rides His Bike to Work for ‘The Exercise’

By Bill Fay | August 30, 2013

I have just discovered that I am part of America’s 1 percent. Not trying to brag too much here, but actually, I’m even more elite than that. I’m in the…

People in a party carrying a young man

Frugal Man’s Flashback: Sharing Costs on College Parties, Food

By Bill Fay | August 23, 2013

I have a vivid picture of my first night at college 40 years ago and I’m sure it doesn’t differ much from yours. When I walked into my dorm room…

Hardwood flooring panels

Frugal Man ‘Turned On’ by Discounted Flooring, Free Installation

By Bill Fay | August 16, 2013

I like surprises. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you do too, or at least your brain does. Neuroscientists from Emory University and Baylor University conducted research that proves…

Dining at home

Frugal Man’s Drink of Choice: ‘Water, Please’

By Bill Fay | August 9, 2013

Being a frugal family is a team sport. Everyone has to agree in practice, if not in principle, that saving money is a really good idea. The principle part is…

Money in hand

Frugal Man’s Golden Advice: ‘Nobody Ever Got Rich Spending Money’

By Bill Fay | July 31, 2013

When I was growing up, I thought starting out with limited means made you an ideal candidate for becoming frugal. It turns out the exact opposite is true, at least…

Cheeseburger in hand

Introducing the Frugal Man: Why Are Hamburgers So Expensive?

By Bill Fay | July 25, 2013

I took my wife out for dinner at a local burger joint last night and was a little annoyed on the drive home as I contemplated the bill: $10.81. I…