Weigh your options and find out the best way for you to invest your money

    The Dos and Don’ts of Investing

    Everyone wants investments, but far fewer have them. In some cases, a catastrophic health problem or some other disaster wipes out a person’s savings, but most of the time the issues are planning and discipline. To save and investment money, you need a plan ...

    Frugal Man Goes To Paris

    Frugal Man Goes To Paris

    If you’re wondering whether a summer vacation is worth it, ask your doctor, not your accountant. Every medical study ever done on the subject concludes that summer vacations – especially family summer vacations – are difference makers for employees. ...

    Save money on Thanksgiving

    Excessive Spending Not Necessary At Thanksgiving

    America’s holiday season has begun, which means excessive consumption is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. At least until it’s your turn to pick up the bill. There is no reason to wear out a credit card while celebrating with family and friends. ...

    College Students Could Learn More About Credit Scores

    College Students Could Learn More About Credit Scores

    If you have children going off to college this year, and don’t already have an exaggerated list of study requirements mapped out for them, it’s wise to suggest they learn more about their credit score. I did for my son, who is starting his senior year ...

    Jar of money dedicated for family vacation

    When You Can’t Afford Your Electric Bill

    Budgets take a beating during the summer and it’s not just from the money spent on vacation. Going to see Grandma or spending a week at the beach are seen as necessary budget expenses by most people. Letting the air conditioner run, leaving the lights on ...

    Cup of coffee and a gift for Father's Day

    Father’s Day Financial Advice … You Get What You Pay For!

    Father’s Day is just around the corner and I think it’s time to change the way we celebrate the occasion at the Frugal Man’s house. I think I will do the giving this time. I have three sons, ages 18-to-24 and they could all use some cheap financial ...

    Graduation cap on stack of money

    Should You Use Annuity Cash to Pay Off Student Loans?

    Student loan debt won't disappear on its own. Loan servicers with a court order can actually take money from your paycheck if you don’t make payments or fail to ask for hardship consideration. Garnished wages could start eating into your budget and you ...

    Man buying with cash instead of a credit card

    Want To Reduce Credit Card Debt? Only Pay With Cash

    I’m thinking about introducing “envelope accounting” to the Frugal Man’s family. You know that system: Assign an envelope to each item on your family’s monthly budget. Put the budget item’s name on the outside of the envelope and the amount of ...

    mother's day on the cheap

    Mother’s Day on the Cheap

    Mother’s Day was not invented by greeting card companies, restaurants, florists or jewelers. It only seems that way. Julia Ward Howe, a peace activist, originated the idea in 1872 when she promoted “Mother’s Day For Peace” as a statement against ...

    woman in despair over finances

    Katy Learns the Cost of Financial Ignorance

    Katy Royal didn’t know her credit score the day she went to a dealership to buy her first car. Truth is, she didn’t even know what a credit score was or what it meant. “Totally naïve,” Katy admitted. How naïve? Katy bought a car that ...

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