Frugal Man Return From Paris

    Frugal Man Home From Paris

    The Frugal Man has never in his life bragged about throwing money around, but that 60-year silence on silly spending is over. I just dropped a boatload of money on a family vacation to Paris and it was worth every Euro of it!I am a little disappointed in ...

    Frugal Man Goes To Paris

    Frugal Man Goes To Paris

    If you’re wondering whether a summer vacation is worth it, ask your doctor, not your accountant.Every medical study ever done on the subject concludes that summer vacations – especially family summer vacations – are difference makers for employees. ...

    College Students Could Learn More About Credit Scores

    College Students Could Learn More About Credit Scores

    If you have children going off to college this year, and don’t already have an exaggerated list of study requirements mapped out for them, it’s wise to suggest they learn more about their credit score.I did for my son, who is starting his senior year ...

    Cup of coffee and a gift for Father's Day

    Father’s Day Financial Advice … You Get What You Pay For!

    Father’s Day is just around the corner and I think it’s time to change the way we celebrate the occasion at the Frugal Man’s house.I think I will do the giving this time. I have three sons, ages 18-to-24 and they could all use some cheap financial ...

    Scissors cutting cable cord from television

    Frugal Man Pulls Plug on Cable, Saves $1,200 a Year

    We don’t have ESPN at my house, which is a little like a minister saying he doesn’t have a Bible at home.I was a sports writer for 25 years in a previous life, and there were days that sports were like religion in my home. My sons worship ...

    Man riding a bike to work

    Frugal Man Rides His Bike to Work for ‘The Exercise’

    I have just discovered that I am part of America’s 1 percent.Not trying to brag too much here, but actually, I’m even more elite than that. I’m in the less than 1 percent club that you “99 percenters” would just as soon run over, if you ...

    Hardwood flooring panels

    Frugal Man ‘Turned On’ by Discounted Flooring, Free Installation

    I like surprises. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you do too, or at least your brain does.Neuroscientists from Emory University and Baylor University conducted research that proves it. Since they had nothing better to do one summer, they developed a ...

    Dining at home

    Frugal Man’s Drink of Choice: ‘Water, Please’

    Being a frugal family is a team sport. Everyone has to agree in practice, if not in principle, that saving money is a really good idea.The principle part is easy. Everyone supports saving money, they just aren’t all that thrilled with the practice of ...

    Money in hand

    Frugal Man’s Golden Advice: ‘Nobody Ever Got Rich Spending Money’

    When I was growing up, I thought starting out with limited means made you an ideal candidate for becoming frugal.It turns out the exact opposite is true, at least for me.Rich people know more about being frugal than you think. In fact, a very wealthy ...

    Cheeseburger in hand

    Introducing the Frugal Man: Why Are Hamburgers So Expensive?

    I took my wife out for dinner at a local burger joint last night and was a little annoyed on the drive home as I contemplated the bill: $10.81.I had Johnny’s Classic Burger. She had chicken wings. We split an order of curly fries.“I think they ...

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