student loan application

Here’s What You Need to Know About Taking out Student Loans

It’s no secret the cost of education is rapidly increasing, far faster than even the pace of inflation. The College Board shows the average cost of undergraduate tuition and fees for the 2013–2014 school year was $30,094 at private institutions. ...

Happy Dad IRS

IRS Gives Parents a Break When Adult Kids Return Home

The Millennial generation is moving back home in record numbers, and their parents are getting some sympathy from, of all people, the IRS. The much-despised agency has a soft spot in its tax code for parents whose nests are no longer empty. More than ...

Cindy and Michael Hufnagel

California Couple Learns Financial Lessons the Hard Way

The phone rang at Michael Hufnagel's desk nearly every day for three years. Hufnagel is an accountant for a production company in California and phone calls are part of doing business, but he knew the calls weren't about the business, so he let the phone ...

1040 tax form

Five Tax Tips for Beginners Filing on Their Own

Whether you’ve landed your first part-time job in high school or made your first career move after college, odds are that you haven’t taken a class on how to file your taxes. It’s something everyone is not only expected, but required to do; however, ...

Origami money heart

Avoiding the Financial Sting of Cupid’s Arrow on Valentine’s Day

For most men, the goal of Valentine's Day has not changed since the holiday was more or less invented by the Romans a few thousand years ago. The Romans called it "Lupercalia," and it was a pagan fertility festival celebrated from Feb. 13-15. Historians ...

Man figuring budget on a calculator

Now Frugal Man Needs a Budget as Retirement Approaches

I stumbled upon one of those online calculators the other day. It's the one that shows you how well you’re budgeting money for retirement savings, and it returned some distressing news. After 37 years in the workforce, I am 33 percent of the way toward ...

Financial guru Tarra Jackson offers money advice

High Cost of Keeping up with the Joneses

There is a family that is famous all over America for maintaining the appearance of wealth for the benefit of others. You know them as the Joneses. They have the big house, a boss car and a 108-inch flat-screen television they flaunt at backyard parties ...

One hundred dollar bill on top of a credit card

Frugal Man’s New Year’s Resolution: Only Pay with Cash

I took $20 the other night to the only restaurant I eat at – the one that gives half off everything on Tuesdays – and felt confident I had more than enough to feed my wife and son anything on the menu. What I didn’t realize was that Mrs. Fay had ...

Psychic with hands around crystal ball with a dollar sign

Financial Forecast for 2014

The economy and the thousands of components that go into it -- interest rates, unemployment, government spending, foreign trade, stock markets, start-ups and shutdowns -- will be in the news every day in 2014 because we all want to know if we’re going to be ...

Obamacare’s Floating Deadlines Cause More Confusion

The deadline has passed for uninsured Americans to enroll in qualified healthcare plans and avoid a government penalty. Well, sort of. The deadline for the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, is a moving target that really doesn’t mean ...

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