Ask the Debtonator

What To Do With Credit Card Debt And Other Questions

Questions about missed credit card payments, overdue student loans and financially irresponsible decisions, are always popular matters for Debtonator to advise on, but the latest mailbag was full of questions that came dangerously close to requiring legal ...

romantic post it note

How To Enjoy A Cheap – But Thoughtful – Valentine’s Day

The words “Valentine’s Day” and “Cheap” do not make a romantic couple in most people’s eyes, especially if those eyes belong to a woman. Survey after survey says that women take Valentine’s Day very seriously and because of that, men do, ...

Fan receives large check from super-star to help pay their student loans.

Taylor Swift Sends Check to Fan to Help With Student Loans

It pays to be a Taylor Swift fan. The music super-star recently sent a super fan a large check to help pay off her student loans.  A woman named Rebekah Bortnicker posted on social media about the burden of having to pay back her student loans. The ...

frugal beach wedding

Married On A Monday: A Wedding You Can Afford

Billy Sexton is not a frugal man. In fact, he chuckles at the idea of cutting corners to save money. “I’m the guy who believes you get what you pay for,” Sexton said. “I’m not out shopping every week, but I do like the latest and greatest ...

holiday deal sign

Ignore Monthly Bills At Your Own Risk During Holiday Season

Get ready America, the Holiday Shopping Circus is rolling into your town again this year and no one is immune from the excitement it generates. Least of all someone with a credit card. Whether it’s early-bird specials on big-screen televisions or deep ...

mobile phone and money

Fact Is, Opinions Don’t Say Much In Cellphone Argument

What settles arguments in your house: Facts or opinion? That seems like a loaded, but relatively easy question. Facts win, right? Well, sometimes. A study by Dartmouth College suggested that using facts – researched credible evidence that proves the ...

Have you succumbed to the countless requests from your Facebook friends inviting you to play them on Candy Crush? Or worse yet – Farmville?

Candy Crush May Be Crushing Your Credit

Have you succumbed to the countless requests from your Facebook friends inviting you to play them on Candy Crush? Or worse yet – Farmville? If you have, you certainly have experienced the pain of alllllllmost clearing a level, and you totally would have ...

For just $1 you can create The Price is Right Halloween costume!

DIY Halloween Costumes – For Less Than $10

Coming up with an idea for your Halloween costume got you spooked? Time is running out and you may be tempted to spend more than you would  like by purchasing a costume online or buying one at a pricey Halloween costume shop.  For less than $10 you can ...

Credit Counseling Helps Family Dream Of Solid Financial Future

Tamara Holleman wants a new car and at first glance, she could easily afford one. Holleman and her husband work in the medical profession, bring home comfortable incomes, live in a four-bedroom house with two teenage children and already own three ...

Chip and Gigi

Army Captain Teaches Troops Dangers of Finance

How interest rates work is not part of the basic military training manual, but maybe it should be. Same goes for proper use of credit cards, why you should never accept a payday loan and what percentage of your paycheck to allot to a car loan. While ...

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