Man avoiding taxes with tax loopholes - Illustration

Tax Loopholes & Credits to Reduce Your Bill

By Bill Fay | January 22, 2019

There’s an old accountant’s joke about the difference between a legitimate tax deduction and a loophole. A legit deduction is the item you’re claiming. A loophole is the item your…

File Tax Return with cup of coffee

What to Do If You Did Not File Taxes

By Bill Fay | January 3, 2019

With the possible exception of trips to the dentist, filing tax returns is one of the least favorite things American adults have to do on a regular basis. Ignoring that…

Businessman looking overwhelmed while going over taxes

I Can’t Pay My Business Taxes: Consequences and Tax Debt Relief Options

By Bill Fay | December 18, 2018

Fledgling entrepreneurs usually focus on the bright side of their small business plans, not contemplating what to do if revenue nosedived and business taxes couldn’t be paid. Yet tax problems…

During a IRS tax audit - Text on top of people going through paperwork

What to Expect During an IRS Tax Audit & How to Prepare

By Max Fay | December 12, 2018

Slightly more than one million taxpayers faced an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit of their individual tax return in 2017, but that accounted for less than 1% of all returns.…

Filing income taxes with papers and charts

Income Taxes

By Bill Fay | December 6, 2018

Think of government as an engine and taxes as fuel. If you don’t fuel an engine, it won’t run, and if you don’t pay taxes, government can’t do the important…

How to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt

By Bill Fay | October 11, 2018

Death and taxes are life’s two great certainties but every year a sizeable number of people who owe the Internal Revenue Service act as if they don’t grasp the maxim.…

Tax date and calculator with money on a table

Tax Debt Relief

By Bill Fay | September 13, 2018

Of all the debts you can possibly owe, federal tax debt is the most unavoidable. After all, the government can almost always find a way to collect. Overdue tax bills…

Tax Debt Help Form

By Devin Joy | November 3, 2017

Get Help With Your Tax Debt Learn your options with your tax debt in minutes. Free Consultation Contact our partners for a free consultation with our tax experts. They are…

IRS tax code is thousands of pages long

Does the U.S. Tax Code Encourage ‘Tax Avoidance’?

By Bill Fay | April 16, 2013

April 15 has passed and you know what that means:  Somewhere around 140 million taxpayers are hoping they don’t get audited. Not because they cheated, but because they have no…

Tax evaders and avoiders mean more taxes for the rest of us.

Tax Day is Here – and So are the Tax Evaders and Avoiders

By Bill Fay | April 12, 2013

Tax Day is upon us once again. This year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expects to receive 250 million tax returns and $2 trillion in revenue. And regardless of all…