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Save money on Thanksgiving

Excessive Spending Not Necessary At Thanksgiving

By Bill Fay | November 23, 2015

America’s holiday season has begun, which means excessive consumption is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. At least until it’s your turn to pick up the bill. There is no reason…

Couple Stressed out over Finances

Most Americans Still Stressed Over Money

By Bill Fay | May 4, 2015

If money is causing stress and anxiety in your house, take it easy. You’ve got company. The same thing is happening in the house next door. And the one across…

Save money while helping the planet

Save Some Money While Saving The Planet

By Bill Fay | April 22, 2015

Most people know their financial footprint in the world, but probably couldn’t tell you their carbon footprint on the planet. Earth Day celebrations, which happen every year on April 22,…

prepaid card

Prepaid Cards Gaining Popularity, Despite Fees

By Bill Fay | April 14, 2015

Would you pay your bank $5 a month (or more?) just so you can withdraw money you have deposited there? As absurd as that sounds, a growing number of consumers…

woman in despair over finances

Katy Learns the Cost of Financial Ignorance

By Bill Fay | April 9, 2015

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frugal beach wedding

Married On A Monday: A Wedding You Can Afford

By Bill Fay | December 2, 2014

Billy Sexton is not a frugal man. In fact, he chuckles at the idea of cutting corners to save money. “I’m the guy who believes you get what you pay…

holiday deal sign

Ignore Monthly Bills At Your Own Risk During Holiday Season

By Bill Fay | November 6, 2014

Get ready America, the Holiday Shopping Circus is rolling into your town again this year and no one is immune from the excitement it generates. Least of all someone with…

Tamara Holleman

Credit Counseling Helps Family Dream Of Solid Financial Future

By Bill Fay | October 15, 2014

Tamara Holleman wants a new car and at first glance, she could easily afford one. Holleman and her husband work in the medical profession, bring home comfortable incomes, live in…

retired couple counting money

Debt Weighs Heavily On People Near Retirement

By Bill Fay | October 7, 2014

The duel between debt and income is spilling over into the retirement years for more and more people. At one time, it was common to have all the major bills…

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is sweeping social media by storm.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Ways To Give Back Without Spending Money

By Bill Fay | August 26, 2014

Admit it. You’ve considered de-friending the person that challenged you to the Ice Bucket challenge on Facebook.  The videos that are flooding your news feed are all apart of the…