Is Walmart Hiring Veterans a Patriotic Play or Corporate Ploy?

    With $444 billion in annual revenue, Walmart could be a country. And if it were, it would rank among the largest economies in the world.But Walmart, admittedly the planet's biggest retailer, is not a country. Instead, it is in one: ours.Last week ...

    On Veterans Day We Celebrate Both Soldiers and Sales

    Christmas is six weeks away, and the country’s marketers and advertisers are standing by, ready to deck the halls, bust out the displays and get the full-page ads in shape for yet another holiday shopping season.But before the registers start ringing up ...

    40 Republican Senators Shoot Down Veterans Jobs Bill

    The 40 Republican senators in Congress love to talk about our veterans.They call them heroes. They call them brave warriors. They say that they are forever in their thoughts and in their prayers.They speak about them often and always in reverent ...

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