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VA Extends COVID-19 Debt Relief to Veterans Through 2020

By Bill Fay | September 15, 2020

Veterans indebted to the Department of Veterans Affairs won a partial payment reprieve this summer that will last at least through the end of 2020. The VA action extends a…

How to Pay Military Taxes While Deployed

Do Soldiers Pay Taxes?

By Bill Fay | January 9, 2019

Tax season among members of the military is much like tax season among civilians: stressful. Just like for civilians, members of the armed forces must pay federal taxes, wade through…

GI Bill - Abraham Lincoln Face

GI Bill

By Bill Fay | January 2, 2019

The GI Bill is arguably the best benefit for veterans and members of the armed forces. It helps service members pay for higher education for themselves as well as for their dependents,…

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Business Incentives for Hiring Veterans

By Bill Fay | November 2, 2018

Hiring a military veteran isn’t merely a noble gesture. It’s a sound business decision for companies looking for a tax break or tax credit. Owners just need to take advantage…

VA Loan Papers and Money

How Veterans Can Get a VA Home Loan

By Bill Fay | November 1, 2018

  Landing an extraordinary home loan probably isn’t anyone’s top reason for enlisting in the armed forces, but since the end of World War II more than 22 million active…

How does debt effect security clearance for our military personnel

How Debt and Bad Credit Affect Security Clearances

By Bill Fay | October 31, 2018

  For those pursuing a life in the United States military – Army, Navy or Air Force – gaining and keeping a security clearance often is vital to acquiring increased…

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Military & Veteran Debt Relief Options

By Bill Fay | August 22, 2018

  Choose Your Debt Amount Consolidate Debt in Minutes VETERANS IN THE U.S. 0 Million UNEMPLOYED VETERANS 0 HOMELESS VETERANS 0 Debt Solutions for Veterans Frequent relocation and inexperience managing…

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New Study: Veterans More Likely to Suffer Credit Problems, But Save More

By Bill Fay | December 15, 2017

Military veterans are more likely to suffer through credit problems, underwater mortgages and late house payments than the civilian population. Those are some of the findings from a 2017 analysis…

Managing debt is very important for Veterans, here are some options for members of the military

Debt Consolidation For Veterans & The Military

By Bill Fay | July 20, 2017

Add “financial literacy” to the list of things members of the U.S. military are asked to fight on a daily basis. Financial literacy is understanding and using financial skills to…

Welcome Home Resumes helps veterans

Resume Website Helps Unemployed Veterans Get a Foot in the Door

By Bill Fay | January 29, 2013

Joe Corsino, like a lot of Americans, would see out-of-work veterans gathered in groups in city parks or panhandling with signs on downtown streets or even camping out at interstate…