U.S. consumer concerned about debt

Consumer Debt Grows as U.S. Economy Expands

By Bill Fay | August 27, 2019

Americans are taking on ever larger debt loads as they struggle to maintain living standards. They are borrowing more on their credit cards, taking on a soaring levels of student…

Interest rates will not budge

Interest Rates Probably Not Budging in 2016

By Bill Fay | July 13, 2016

During Alan Greenspan’s nearly 20-year reign as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, commentators used to look at the heft of the briefcase he carried to meetings to guess whether interest…

graph showing upward economic trends

2014 Great Year For U.S. Economy, Can We Repeat In 2015?

By Bill Fay | January 8, 2015

By most accounts, the United States economy had a glowing year in 2014. Unemployment was down, spending was up, housing prices continued to bounce back and gas prices plunged to…

Woman looking at bills on the floor

Student Loans, Other Debts Are Stressing Americans More Than Ever

By Bill Fay | February 21, 2014

The American Psychological Association (APA) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York aren’t working together on the mental and fiscal health of America — but they certainly could. The…

Psychic with hands around crystal ball with a dollar sign

Financial Forecast for 2014

By Bill Fay | January 2, 2014

The economy and the thousands of components that go into it — interest rates, unemployment, government spending, foreign trade, stock markets, start-ups and shutdowns — will be in the news…

Top Financial News Stories of the Year

Top 10 Debt-Related Stories of 2013

By Bill Fay | December 26, 2013

Some phase of the economy is the No. 1 news story almost every year, but 2013 offered an interesting twist: It was possible to argue that nearly every financial story…

People shopping on the holidays in a store

Holidays a Tough Time to Reduce Debt

By Bill Fay | December 10, 2013

The inevitable collision between year-end spending and budget restrictions is making this an uncomfortable holiday season for two vital groups in the American economy: Consumers and the federal government. American…

Declaration of Independence and flag

Timeline of U.S. Federal Debt Since Independence Day 1776

By Alanna Ritchie | July 4, 2013

As we get closer to marking our 237th year of independence, we felt it was a good time to reflect on how debt is woven into our country’s fabric. As…

Black hole of debt in the U.S.

Is Debt Affecting our Economic Freedom?

By Bill Fay | July 3, 2013

As we approach July 4, the 237th anniversary of our nation’s independence, it’s also worth noting that our country is in its fourth year of a sluggish recovery from the…

Highest consumer confidence index rating since 2007

U.S. Consumer Confidence Highest Since July 2007

By Bill Fay | June 3, 2013

The bull run on Wall Street and a continued surge in home prices pushed consumer confidence to its highest level in almost six years. The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan consumer…