Young male student who is looking at a car to buy with a student loan

Dangers of Using Student Loans to Buy a Car

When the federal government handed out the first student loans in 1958, the message was simple: This money is to be used for education purposes, meaning tuition, books, fees, supplies and living expenses such as room and board. No mention was made of using ...

Graduation cap on stack of money

Should You Use Annuity Cash to Pay Off Student Loans?

Student loan debt won't disappear on its own. Loan servicers with a court order can actually take money from your paycheck if you don’t make payments or fail to ask for hardship consideration. Garnished wages could start eating into your budget and you ...

Fan receives large check from super-star to help pay their student loans.

Taylor Swift Sends Check to Fan to Help With Student Loans

It pays to be a Taylor Swift fan. The music super-star recently sent a super fan a large check to help pay off her student loans.  A woman named Rebekah Bortnicker posted on social media about the burden of having to pay back her student loans. The ...

Prom tuxedo made of duct tape

Students Win $5,000 Scholarships with Quirky Duct Tape Prom Outfits

If you know any high school seniors nervous about paying for college next fall, today would be a good time to have them look at duct tape for financial aid. Duct tape? Yes, you can add “Helping Pay for College” to the infinite list of things the ...

dragon slayer

Slaying a $30,000 Student Loan Debt Beast in a Year

What would you sacrifice to pay off a $30,000 student loan in one year? Cellphones? Cable TV? Having to share a 605-square-foot, one-bath apartment and eating Hamburger Helper dinners twice a week? “It’s not as bad as you think,” John said. Not ...

Josh Brooks at work

Didn’t Pay Back Your Student Loans? Tax Return Is Fair Game

Josh Brooks' annual tax return is between $500 and $700. It's a good chunk of money he could use toward paying off his credit cards, motorcycle and living expenses. Instead, his creditors have swooped in and snatched his tax return for the last three years ...

College students at job fair

Get a Jumpstart on Landing a Job Before Graduating from College

The job market just might be easing up for college graduates. That's what some of the latest evidence suggests, which is good news for anyone scheduled to finish college with a diploma in one hand and a student loan bill in the other. The latest is this: ...

Student loan vote fails in U.S. Senate

Congress Dithers While Students’ Hopes Wither

The United States Senate on Wednesday failed to reverse the recent doubling of interest rates to 6.8 percent on millions of new federally subsidized student loans. While the measure to return the rate to its lower level of 3.4 percent on Stafford Loans ...

Student loan interest hike for dummies

Student Loan Interest Rate Hike for Dummies

It's not easy understanding all the politics behind the 6.8 percent interest rate hike for all new subsidized Stafford Loans, but here's a before and after version for dummies that explains the math, including the original loan amount, monthly payments, total ...

Adult children are returning to the nest and depending on their parents

Financial Dangers Parents Face When Adult Children Live at Home

The American Dream is the ideal where parents work hard so they can own a home, send their kids to college and watch them grow up into happy and fiscally responsible adults, possibly with families of their own. Financial instability in the work force, ...

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