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Care Credit is a medical credit card

Medical Credit Cards: Proceed with Caution

For someone who is slapped with a large out-of-pocket medical bill, a medical credit card may seem like a good idea. But it may not be the best financial option. Medical credit cards, which are offered by companies like Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and GE Capital, provide a credit line to cover medical […]

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Social Security disability claims fall

Improving Economy Means Fewer People Seeking Disability Benefits

Applications and approvals for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) were both down in 2012, which could be another small sign that the labor market continues to improve. There were 2.82 million applications for SSDI last year, a drop of just under 60,000 from 2011. The number of people approved for monthly benefits was 979,973, the […]

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Hospital Sign

New Medicare Mandate Aims to Cut Costs But Could Affect Treatment

Admission procedures may run a little differently at your local hospital beginning this week. October 1 marked the launch of a key provision of the ObamaCare law that could create changes in the way hospitals treat elderly and poor Americans in the coming year. In an attempt to save taxpayers money as well as enhance […]

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Cost of care image

Seniors Receiving Medicare Forced to Deplete Savings

American seniors are fighting an ongoing battle as they try to cope with medical expenses on top of an already high cost of living. A recently published study has revealed a staggering peek into the financial status of older people as they reach the final five years of life: it’s now common for American Medicare […]

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