Money Saving Tip: Store Wine On A Budget

Monday Money Saving Tip: Store Wine On A Budget

Skip buying a pricy wine refrigerator that needs to be powered at all times. Instead, store your wine in a cool, dark corner of a storage room or basement.

The money you save can go toward building your collection!

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Bill “No Pay” Fay has lived a meager financial existence his entire life. He started writing/bragging about it seven years ago, helping birth into existence as the site’s original “Frugal Man.” Prior to that, he spent more than 30 years covering college and professional sports, which are the fantasy worlds of finance. His work has been published by the Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Sports Illustrated and Sporting News, among others. His interest in sports has waned some, but his interest in never reaching for his wallet is as passionate as ever. Bill can be reached at

Money Saving Tip: Store Wine on A Budget

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