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Can I Get Your Number? (How Your Credit Score Affects Your Dating Life)

Can’t find a date for Valentine’s Day? Try working on your credit.


With increasing regularity, singles want to know their dates’ credit scores before they commit to serious relationships.


It’s understandable. Monetary disagreements are one of the top reasons for divorce, so singles want to know right off the bat that they’re financially compatible. Some even broach the topic on the first date.


Dating sites have noticed this and are beginning to cater to people’s credit preferences. While some sites rank personality compatibility, ones like and Date My Credit Score put credit worthiness first.


So how does the trend stack up for singles? For most people who value monetary security or responsibility, a credit score seems to work as a worthy indicator. Still, there may be better ways to judge a person’s dating worthiness.


Judging Potential Suitors by Their Credit: Pros and Cons


If you have excellent credit and emphasize your own financial health, it makes sense that you’d look for similar qualities in a significant other or spouse, much as a fitness guru may look for a mate who exercises and eats well.


However, a single number shouldn’t be your only determining factor, no matter how important it may seem. Think of it as a college application: Reviewers may want to see high SAT scores but will consider all other parts of the application. Just as a college administrator wouldn’t discard an application because of a less-than-perfect SAT score, you may not want to avoid natural chemistry with a person simply because of his or her credit score.


Score compatibility works the other way around, too. If you have a bad score or put little thought into your daily finances, you may feel uncomfortable getting into a relationship with someone doing significantly better than yourself. (Of course, if you fall into this category, you’re probably not one to bring up finances right away.)


If disparate finances truly are a deal-breaker for you, there may be better ways to find out about credit than just asking for your date’s score. After all, “What’s your credit score?” may not be the sexiest ice-breaker, and some may see it as a prying question.


Instead, consider observing how the person handles money and notice any clues.


Sure signs the person has things under control include:


Signs your date might have a money problem:

  • Facing a car repossession. Note that not all unpaid loans will be as obvious: His college probably won’t come to repossess his diploma after too many unpaid student loans.
  • Ignoring daytime phone calls or becoming frustrated while on the phone. This may mean she’s getting hounded by debt collectors.
  • Keeping stacks of mail lying around. This could be a sign of too many unpaid bills.
  • Skimping out on dates.
  • Refusing to take a sick day because he can’t afford to lose a day’s wages.
  • Panhandling.


Obviously there are no steadfast rules when it comes to dating. Just do what works for you. But if financial stability is important to you, a potential relationship will probably go more smoothly when your date shares your ideals.

Katherine Pilnick is a writer for She educates readers about their various personal finance options. She is a graduate of New York University.

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