Money Saving Tip: Get Crafty with Holiday Home Decor

Tis the season to celebrate!  One of the most fun ways to celebrate  and get into the holiday spirit is to decorate your home for each upcoming season and holiday.

Decorating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Save money by getting crafty and decorate your home with items found in nature (bonus – they’re free!) and items from the dollar store. By getting creative  you can create beautiful one of a kind decorations for your home for less than $5.

Pinterest is a gold mind for ideas for cheap holiday home decor. Here are a few of our favorite ideas that we’ve found on Pinterest:



SHARE your ideas with us on Facebook – be sure to tag us @InChargeDebtSolutions and #BeInCharge so we can find your pins. Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas on how to decorate your home for the fall and winter holidays!

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Get crafty this fall and winter to save money on home decor.

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