Chip and Gigi

Army Captain Teaches Troops Dangers of Finance

How interest rates work is not part of the basic military training manual, but maybe it should be. Same goes for proper use of credit cards, why you should never accept a payday loan and what percentage of your paycheck to allot to a car loan. While ...

Olaf Cake Topper

How to Host a Frugal Frozen Birthday Party

I thought we could avoid it. I promoted alternatives. But it was inevitable. My daughter asked me to throw her a Frozen birthday party, like the half dozen we’d already attended this year. Sure… we can recreate Arendelle’s eternal winter, in August… ...

college building

For-Profit Student Loan Debt and School Closure

Corinthian Colleges Announces Closure For profit students with high student loan debt should review their school's record before enrolling in another semester. This month, large for-profit Corinthian Colleges announced that it is filing for bankruptcy. ...

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