smart ways to spend tax refund

    10 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

    The April 15 deadline for filing your taxes is fast approaching. While most people could do without the paperwork, nearly half of taxpayers have a refund to look forward to. There’s no “best” way to use a tax refund, but there are some smart ways to ...

    credit score heart

    Can I Get Your Number? (How Your Credit Score Affects Your Dating Life)

    Can’t find a date for Valentine’s Day? Try working on your credit.   With increasing regularity, singles want to know their dates’ credit scores before they commit to serious relationships.   It’s understandable. Monetary ...

    Patient and Doctor

    Five Tips to Reduce Your Health Care Costs

    We all know the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While it may take more than just an apple, a new study found that the general principle is true: Patients who take an active role in their daily health have lower health care costs, ...

    gambling super bowl XLVII

    Gambling and the Super Bowl: An American Tradition

    It's time again for the big game: the Super Bowl. It's a day when record numbers of Americans tune in. Super Bowl XLVI last year garnered more than 111 million viewers. And for many of these viewers, three items must be included in the festivities: beer, ...

    Facebook homepage

    Can Debt Collectors Track You Down on Facebook?

    Imagine logging on to Facebook and finding a new message in your inbox. It’s not from a family member or an old friend. Instead, it’s a debt collector asking why you haven’t paid up yet.   This situation is more likely than you may think. ...

    Students Graduating College

    Can a College Degree Buy You a Better Future?

    Is college worth it? This is the question countless high schoolers ask themselves each year -- especially as they apply to college this time of year -- and the answer may surprise them. The fact is, from a fiscal standpoint, college is almost always worth the ...

    Struggling to pay debt

    Americans in Debt: How Do You Compare?

    Debt-free Americans are a dying breed. We may not have as much debt as we used to, but collectively, we are still very much in the red. The average American now has $47,000 in debt, down from a peak of $53,000 in 2008. So if you have less than that, or if you ...

    Financial resolutions

    New Year, New Goals: 5 Financial Resolutions to Make in 2013

    It’s a new year and time to turn over a new leaf. While your friends and family might vow to lose weight or read more, you can make it your goal to gain financial stability. 2013 can be your year to take control of your finances, fix your credit and address ...

    Last-minute Christmas shopping

    Your Guide to Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

    If you think Santa will do all your shopping for you, think again. While more than a quarter of holiday shoppers have completed their purchases, another 18 percent have yet to buy a single gift. But don’t panic; there’s still time to get your Christmas ...

    LGBT Americans better with finances

    Study: LGBT Americans Better at Earning & Saving

    Gay Americans deserve a pat on the back, and not just for continuing to overcome added hardships and prejudices. Members of the LGBT community are also significantly better at managing their money than average Americans, according to a new study by Prudential ...

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