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Blogging About Finances, Debt from a Personal Perspective

Are you in debt? You might want to tell the world — or at least the worldwide web. That’s what Atlanta resident Sydney McIntosh did. She was tired of being broke, living paycheck-to-paycheck and having $10,000 in debt attached to her name at the end of ...

Jordan and Sharly Streiff on a couch at their wedding

Budgeting, Tandem Bike Cuts Down on Couple’s Wedding Debt

When Jordan and Sharly Streiff of Atlanta exchanged vows last August, their white wedding started out in the red. Sharly lost her job a month before the couple tied the knot. They splurged $700 on his suit and $1,200 on their wedding photography. Since ...

Credit report score

Unconventional Ways of Building, Improving Your Credit History

Young people coming out of college find themselves in a credit conundrum: How to build a credit history when they are deep in student loan debt. Many are not carrying credit cards — a traditional method of building credit — because their student loan ...

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