Ask the Debtonator

    Will A Debt Management Program Ruin My Credit? – And Other Questions Answered

    As Debtonator glanced at this month’s list of questions, he is reminded that there is always (at least) two sides to every story. Readers lament their situations with housing, student loans and credit cards, which coincidentally happen to be the three ...

    Ask the Debtonator

    Ask the Debtonator: Obama Student Loan Forgiveness

    The Debtonator has joined the staff at and will monitor a question-and-answer forum dedicated to specific areas of debt. A few questions already trickled in and, not surprisingly, the subject was student loans, specifically loan forgiveness. ...

    budget debt video

    Video: Are You on a Budget? Where Do You Spend Most of Your Money?

    I bet if we asked you, you’d say you were on a budget. Everyone in the video below did. But are you really? Do you know where every dollar of your paycheck is going? You should. The majority of people interviewed in our video said a lot of their money goes ... Debt Hero Contest

    You Could Be the Next Debtonator Debt Hero and Win $200

    Are you debt free? Have you overcome financial hardships to lead a life of financial freedom? Then the Debtonator wants to reward you. On our Facebook page, nominate yourself or someone you know to be the next Debtonator Debt Hero. Tell us why you, or ...

    Cheap Valentine's Day gifts

    Video: The Cheapest Valentine’s Day Gifts You’ve Given and Received

    Sixty percent of Americans will give Valentine’s Day gifts this year and will spend an average of $131 – up $4 from last year. That’s according to the annual survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF). Men will spend significantly more than women ...

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