College students at job fair

Get a Jumpstart on Landing a Job Before Graduating from College

The job market just might be easing up for college graduates. That's what some of the latest evidence suggests, which is good news for anyone scheduled to finish college with a diploma in one hand and a student loan bill in the other. The latest is this: ...

Adult children are returning to the nest and depending on their parents

Financial Dangers Parents Face When Adult Children Live at Home

The American Dream is the ideal where parents work hard so they can own a home, send their kids to college and watch them grow up into happy and fiscally responsible adults, possibly with families of their own. Financial instability in the work force, ...

Cheap date ideas

Dating on a Dime

The first date is a big deal. You spend hours picking out the perfect outfit, figuring out how to style your hair and exchanging code words with your friends, in case the date is a disaster and you need rescuing, stat. Chances are you've spent a lot of ...

gay marriage would be economic stimulus

Could Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Boost the Economy?

The hot topic in America is the issue of gay marriage, as the Supreme Court has been asked to rule on the Defense of Marriage Act and on California's marriage amendment. If the court rules that same-sex marriage should be allowed nationwide, this will have an ...

tiger woods may want a prenup with lindsey vonn if they get married

Celebrity Divorces: When Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Money can’t buy you happiness -- nor can it buy you a successful marriage. Celebrities have all the money in the world, it seems, and still can’t buy wedded bliss. We know all about the mess that comes from filing divorce in Hollywood -- from custody ...

NCAA Tournament

10 Things You Might Not Know about the NCAA Tournament

Brackets are filled out, bets are placed and pools are made. It’s officially March Madness. While most are eager to earn bragging rights for their favorite teams, the universities are eager for the money they earn from joining the 68-team field. For the ...

parents pay for kids cellphones

When Parents Should Stop Paying for Kids’ Cellphone Plans

It's not easy being a 20-something nowadays. Between landing a full-time job, paying back student loans and building credit, it’s hard to be financially stable. But are young adults solely to blame for their financial troubles? Or does it also fall on the ...

st patricks day

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without Breaking the Bank

A holiday most popular for drinking beer and donning green clothing, St. Patrick’s Day is becoming well-known for something else: high costs. However, it IS possible to go green without spending all your green. Americans Shell Out $35-$40 Each Whether ...

Joe Francis

Girls Gone Wild Has Gone Bankrupt

Sex sells. Or at least it’s supposed to. That’s not the case for Girls Gone Wild, though, as it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to avoid multimillion-dollar debts as well as jury awards. Girls Gone Wild Brands has over $15 million in ...

tiger woods and taxes

Income Taxes Push Athletes Out of California, Toward Florida

Phil Mickelson. Tiger Woods. Kobe Bryant. What do these three have in common? Well, they’ve all lived in California, all make millions of dollars a year, and should have no financial worries, right? Wrong. Woods, who ranks third on the list of ...

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