Working for Free Is a Valuable Option to Unemployment

    Finding a job isn't easy these days. We all know that.The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the unemployment rate for May was 7.6 percent — a figure virtually unchanged from the previous three months. But it’s an improvement from the 8.2 percent of ...’s Cecillia Barr Talks Student Loans on HuffPost Live

    I had an opportunity to take part in a live panel discussion Tuesday night on HuffPost Live discussing the proposed student loan interest rate hike.Some background: Student loan rates will double from 3.4 to 6.8 percent on July 1 if Congress doesn't do ...

    Graduate School Isn’t Worth the Money

    Before you aggressively defend the postgraduate degree, the experience gained obtaining it or its usefulness, let me tell you why it's not worth the bother.I'm $27,000 in debt because I needed to take out student loans to pay for my college education that ...

    Avoiding Medical Debt after Unexpected Death of a Parent

    My mother passed away six months ago.It amazes me how fast time goes by. It feels like just yesterday when I was standing in line at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, braiding my little sister’s hair as my mom braided mine.If there’s ...

    Graduating in a Week – Only 6 Months to Start Repaying Student Loans

    I remember the day my parents helped me move into my first dorm room at the University of Central Florida. They were all tears, and “I miss you already,” while I was, “OK, I’ll see you in 3 months for Thanksgiving!”I was ready to leave the nest. ...

    Buyer’s Remorse: The Want vs. the Need

    Have you ever wanted to buy something or go somewhere so bad but you couldn’t because of other financial obligations? Financial obligations that you’d prefer to be without?That’s me every day.I want a new wardrobe, a new car, a new apartment in ...

    Financial Concerns of Caring for a Child with Autism | Real People, Real Life

    In light of World Autism Awareness Day, I wanted to get a closer look into one family’s story -- their difficulties in caring for their child, their financial adversity, their moments that make all the pain, the worry, the struggle disappear.I want you ...

    Colleges Should Offer a Class Called Student Debt 101

    I owe how much money to whom? Starting when? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? Where am I going to get $25,000, plus interest?In about a month and a half from now, I will be graduating from the University of Central Florida in a financial hole about ...

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