The Home Depot

    Retailers Offer More Financial Services; Companies Like Online Cookies

    Flying over the business world Wednesday morning finds that big retailers are moving into financial services, while big business is becoming more like Big Brother. Renewable energy gets a boost, Toyota suffers another knockdown, and holiday shopping starts ...

    Wall Street sign

    Wall Street Schemes, BlackBerry, Best Buy Take Front and Center

    Tuesday morning: In the world of finance, one trial ends and another begins; in business, BlackBerry and Best Buy each struggle to improve sales; in the aftermath of Sandy, utility poles are being rushed to the Northeast to help restore power. Federal ...


    U.S. Oil Production, Apple, Starbucks, Google and Amazon Top Monday News

    America's energy prospects improve, while Greece continues to struggle with debt, Apple settles with a rival, as Starbucks, Google and Amazon face tax questions in Britain, and American consumers continue to exchange their bank books for credit union ...

    Gas rationing in New Yorkcity after Hurricane Sandy

    Friday Jitters

    The wealthy fear that their tax cuts will end, while Senator Warren scares the bankers. New Yorkers wait on long lines for gas, the travel industry holds its breath and green car manufacturers face drooping sales. Raising Taxes on the Wealthy The ...

    Used car prices on the rise

    Things Are Moving on Thursday

    Things are moving on Thursday, but in different directions: moving up – used car prices and tariffs on Chinese solar products; moving down – the stock market and McDonald’s hamburger sales; moving out – Treasury Secretary Geithner. No Champagne on ...

    International flags at United Nations in New York

    Presidential Election Done, Let’s Catch Up with the Rest of the World

    America's preoccupation with the 2012 election often makes it forget that there are a couple of hundred other countries out there. But with the national election complete, it may be a good time to turn our gaze outward a bit and notice things that are ...

    Shaquille O'Neal shooting free-throw for Miami Heat

    Election Day News Roundup

    The ups and downs on Election Day – Down: gas prices, retirees' health costs and foreclosed borrowers re-entering the mortgage market; Up: Athletes going into the franchise business. Meanwhile, the stock market is watching and waiting. Foreclosed Borrowers ...

    HSBC store front

    Sandy Recovery Continues; Music Royalties Deemed Unfair

    A day before the U.S. Presidential election finds some Northeast banks using pen and paper, while a big London firm stashes cash for crimes and misdemeanors. Meanwhile another London bank wins a settlement it will never recover, and Greece continues to boil ...

    jobs image

    Latest U.S. Jobs Report, Hurricane Sandy at Top of the News

    So much news, so little time and space. It's Friday, and the big news is two-fold: release of the final U.S. jobs report before next week's presidential election and the ongoing -- and increasingly expensive -- damage estimates and cleanup from Hurricane ...

    Truck driver

    5 Things to Know on Thursday

    Five things you should know this morning in the world of finance and business:1. Sandy's Winners and LosersA few business winners and losers from Hurricane Sandy may already be apparent – and obvious. Two giant home-improvement chains are doing ...

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